IPTV in Germany

What is IPTV?

If you have not yet had any experience with IPTV or have heard of IPTV in Germany, we would be happy to bring you a little closer to the IPTV world.

With IPTV you can use your internet connection to receive your favorite TV programs on your SmartTV, tablet, smartphone, computer and other devices. This requires an internet connection of at least 16,000, of course a faster / higher internet connection also gives you a better IPTV experience.

IPTV in Germany

IPTV is growing in Germany every year and is therefore becoming more popular. Digitization has already taken place in many areas, including IPTV. In 2020, the number of households that received television mainly via IPTV was around 3.2 million. The reason for this is, among other things, the expansion of broadband networks, ever higher bandwidths and the increasing spread of IP services.

The currently leading IPTV provider in the German-speaking area is 6IPTV. At the end of December 2021, the 6IPTV group had over 639,000 subscribers for its TV service, which offers video-on-demand content in addition to live TV. Behind them there are now more and more small IPTV providers who offer their products. There is therefore a relatively high level of dynamics in the field of IPTV providers.

The beginnings of IPTV in Germany

In 2006, Hansenet launched Alice TV, the first real IPTV service in Germany. A year later, Deutsche Telekom followed suit with its Entertain offer. IPTV didn't have it easy in the early days, because the poor broadband networks in Germany often led to failures, as the broadband networks were not used to this. In addition, the devices were not designed for the use of IPTV. Nowadays things are quite different.

IPTV today.

Better and more stable lines are possible through the expansion of broadband networks. This also enables the use of IPTV not only in SD, but in HD (720p), Full HD (1080p) and even 4k (2160p). In addition, nowadays devices such as Formuler Z10, Xiaomi Mi Box S and many more are made for the use of IPTV in Germany. Deutsche Telekom is currently working on converting the broadband networks to fiber optics, this enables internet speeds of up to 1 Gb/s and this enables a more stable line for many IPTV users.

Switching to IPTV is easy!

Nowadays you can use and receive IPTV with almost any device, as long as you have a suitable internet connection. We recommend an internet connection of at least 32,000 for Full HD. You can receive IPTV with your smartphone (Android & iOS) as well as with your SmartTV. Please see our help section for further assistance.

You also need IPTV access, which you can purchase via our customer portal.

Customer Portal: https://my.6iptv.com/

You also need a customer account to order access. Here we explain how you can create your own customer account: Create customer account

6IPTV introduces itself!

6IPTV has been the leading IPTV provider in German-speaking countries since 2018. This not only applies to the variety of channels and video-on-demand content, but also to our customer service, which has received multiple awards. We now offer over 90,000 pieces of content, including various pieces of content from different countries. In addition, we also welcome customer requests, because we have a rule that is very important to us. "The customer is king" has been our internal motto since 2018. We have followed the request of our customers and can proudly say that we have been offering our own app with a VPN connection since 2019, but this only applies to Android devices. With 6IPTV, film and series evenings with friends or loved ones are guaranteed. Or should it be the sporting event of your favorite club and that of your friends. With 6IPTV you can receive all this and if your favorite film, series or channel is not included, you are welcome to email us with your request.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, you are welcome to contact our customer service via the contact form or by e-mail.

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