[Android] Guide: How to set up Flix IPTV

In this guide, we will show you how to install, set up and use Flix IPTV on FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K Max, FireStick 4K and Fire TV Cube. This guide also works for Android smartphones and Android TV boxes.

How to Install Flix IPTV on FireStick #

Flix IPTV is not officially available on the Amazon App Store. You will need to sideload the APK file onto the Fire TV Stick using the Downloader app. But don't worry - it's easier than it sounds. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Turn on your Fire TV Stick and go to the Home screen.
  2. Scroll left to search
  3. Locate Downloader among the search results and select it. You can recognize the app by its orange background .
FireTV Stick - Downloader App

4. Confirm with OK and download the Downloader app

As I mentioned before, we will use Downloader to sideload Flix IPTV on FireStick. Before we can continue, however, we need to change a few Fire TV Stick settings. Here are the instructions on how to allow unknown sources on Fire TV Stick . ( Important , otherwise the installation is not possible)

5 . Go back to the Fire TV Stick home page. Locate and open Downloader .

FireTV Downloader App

6. Type app.flixapp.tv and click Go button.

Downloader App Flix IPTV

7. Downloader will start downloading APK file from internet.

8. When the download is complete, you will be prompted to do so. Choose install.

Downloader App - Install Flix IPTV

That's it. You have successfully installed Flix IPTV on your Fire TV Stick.

Install Flix IPTV

How to Use Flix IPTV on Fire TV Stick #

1. Open the Flix IPTV app

Select and open Flix IPTV

2 . Navigate to Settings in the left menu.

Flix IPTVTV settings

3. In the menu that follows, scroll down to User Account .

Flix IPTV user account

4. On the User Account screen, note the Mac address .

Flix IPTV Mac Adresse FireTV Stick

5. Open a web browser on your desktop or phone and navigate to the following address: https://flixiptv.eu/mylist

This Flix IPTV page will ask you to enter the Mac address and URL link of 6IPTV. The URL that is required for this is called M3U Link , which you can see as a customer in the 6IPTV customer portal under Lines -> Information . It looks something like the following example:

Show 6IPTV m3u

6. After adding the information, click the Submit button and you're done.

Upload Flix IPTV Playlist


Where else can I access Flix IPTV? #

You can use Flix IPTV on all Android devices and FireStick / Fire TV.

Is Flix IPTV free? #

Flix IPTV comes with a one-week free trial period. After that, you have to pay €7.49 to unlock it on a single device or TV.

Is Flix IPTV worth its price? #

That depends on your usage and the type of IPTV service you use to stream with Flix IPTV. However, please note that this is a one-time purchase. You can also use the free trial to try Flix IPTV before you pay.

How can I update Flix IPTV? #

As soon as there is a new update available for the app, you will get a pop-up like below asking you to update the app.

Flix IPTV Software Update

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