How do I top up my customer account? (Amazon / Paysafecard)

Here we explain how you can top up your credit using a German Amazon gift card or a German Paysafecard in order to place an order. It should be noted that the voucher cards were purchased in the supermarket or a gas station.

IMPORTANT: We only accept German maps that were either purchased offline (example: supermarket or gas station) or online maps from Dundle - click here!

We accept a maximum of €50 per card. The reason for this is that €100 cards are blocked more often by Paysafecard. We cannot guarantee acceptance of €100 Paysafecards.

Information: In order to be able to order access, a customer account is required. To find out how to create your customer account, we ask you to register the customer account via the following website:

Step 1: Please log into your customer account in order to be able to top up your credit first, you only have to go to " Credit ".

Step 2: In order to carry out the credit top-up, you would now have to go to “ add credit ”, please read the instructions carefully. Once you are done with this, we ask that you click “ Accept” .

Step 3: Please select the type of voucher you want to use to top up your credit (Amazon / Paysafecard) under “Voucher type”. Now all you have to do is enter the value of the voucher under “ Amount to be redeemed ”. It is important that this was entered correctly. As soon as you have provided all the necessary information, we ask you to click on " Continue ".

Step 4: Please enter your voucher code, which is to be used for the credit top-up, under the “ Codes ” field. In addition, an image of the voucher is required, on which the voucher code can be seen, you only have to add this using the " Add images " function.

Step 5: Now the credit top-up is checked and processed manually by our customer service. As soon as your customer credit is visible and available, you will receive a separate notification by email from us.

If you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions, our customer service is always at your disposal.

[email protected]

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