[Smart TV] Instructions: How to set up Net IPTV

Here we explain how you can use your access for the NET IPTV App. In 5 simple steps you have the 6IPTV Premium list with all channels directly in your app.

Introduction to Net IPTV #

Net IPTV application can be used on SAMSUNG Smart TV with Tizen OS, LG Smart TV with WebOS and also on Android devices. Net IPTV offers you a 7-day free trial after the initial installation. To fully activate the Net IPTV App, you need to make a one-time payment of €5.29. To activate your MAC address, click HERE .

How to set up Net IPTV #

After installing the NET IPTV application on your device, the first thing you need to do is find out your MAC address. Click HERE to upload your list.

The area highlighted in blue is the MAC address

Step 1: Please enter the MAC address of your device in the “ MAC / APP ID ” field.

Step 2: After the “TV MAC” field has been filled, all you have to do is solve the captcha.

Step 3: Now you have to go to “ Add List ” to enter your M3U, which you can take from your customer account. Here we explain how to find the URL: View access

Step 4: Please enter your M3U URL here.

Step 5: Now please press “Add List” to send your M3U list to your device.

Net IPTV m3u
Net IPTV m3u List the upload

If you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions, our customer service is available at the following e-mail address ? [email protected]

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