Why we don't offer test lines

Here we explain to you why we have decided not to make any test lines available to our potential customers.

What are IPTV Testlines? #

Testlines are accesses that are made available by IPTV providers. These are usually active for 24 hours or 48 hours. During this period, the potential customer can properly examine and test the service.

Why we don't provide IPTV testlines: #

There was a time when we offered the testlines, but we have since decided against providing testlines. Many IPTV providers would like to attract new customers with this offer, but do not understand that the additional burden of test lines can also be a disadvantage for existing customers.

Imagine you are sitting in front of your TV in the evening and want to watch an important game of your favorite team. The tension rises, the score is 1-1 and it's a penalty. All of a sudden the transmitter starts to distort or even fail. This can be caused by the load because an IPTV provider has decided to offer IPTV test lines and the potential new customers are then also watching on this channel.

So that this does not happen and we can guarantee our customers full performance, we have decided against making test lines available.

If you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions, our customer service is available at the following e-mail address ? [email protected]

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