[Smart TV] Instructions: How to set up SSIPTV

Here we explain how to set up the SSIPTV correctly.


What is SSIPTV? #

SSIPTV is one of the most popular apps for streaming IPTV. You can use the SSIPTV with both Android devices and SmartTV devices. The SSIPTV app is the first app available for LG SmartTVs and has been further developed and optimized over time. LG awarded the maker of the SSIPTV app, in 2012, with the award “The Best App” in the LG SmartTV Apps contest. The SSIPTV app is currently provided by the manufacturer completely free of charge.

To set up SSIPTV: #

Step 1: Please install the SSIPTV app on your device. If the SSIPTV app is not available to you, you are welcome to look for the apps: SetIPTV, SmartIPTV, NetIPTV and 6IPTV, for which we also offer assistance.

SetIPTV: https://6iptv.org/docs/enrichtungsanleitung-so-richten-sie-set-iptv-ein/

SmartIPTV: https://6iptv.org/docs/einrichtungsanleitung-so-richten-sie-ihr-smart-iptv-ein/

NetIPTV: https://6iptv.org/docs/einrichtungsanleitung-so-richten-sie-net-iptv-ein/

6IPTV: https://6iptv.org/docs/installationsanleitung-6iptv-app-%f0%9f%93%ba/

Step 2: After you have installed the SSIPTV app, we ask you to open it and go to the app settings. Once there, you must request a “ Connection Type Code ” by going to “ Request Code ”. This code is required to load the list onto your device's SSIPTV.

Request SSIPTV code

Step 3: Please go to the following website using a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone: https://ss-iptv.com/en/users/playlist


Step 4: Now you need to enter your generated “ Connection Type Code ” in the “ Enter Connection Code ” field and then go to “ Add Device ”.

Add SSIPTV device

Step 5: After you click “ Add Device ”, you should now see a new interface. Please go to the “ External Playlists ” tab.

SSIPTV External Playlists

Step 6: Now you should be in the appropriate section to upload your purchased M3U to your device's SSIPTV app. To do this, please go to the “Add Item” tab.


Step 7: Please fill in the “ Displayed Name ” fields with a short name so that you know that this list is our list. We also ask you to fill in the “ Source ” field with your purchased M3U. Then you only have to confirm your entries with “ OK ”.

Here's how to find your M3U: How to view your access

SSIPTV Enter M3u

Step 8: Now all you have to do is click “ Save ” to save the list for your device.


Step 9: Last but not least you have to go back to the main menu in the SSIPTV app and select the icon with the 2 arrows in the top tab to download the list to your device or to update the channel list if there are any changes.

Load SSIPTV list


If you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions, our customer service is available at the following e-mail address ? [email protected]

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