This is how you can see your access

Here we explain how you can view your purchased access and how to extend it.

Step 1: Please log into your customer account.

You can find our customer portal here:

Step 2: After registering and ordering access, you can see all the information related to your purchased access under the "Lines" tab.

6IPTV Lines Management - Overview

Step 3: In order to get more information about your account, such as M3U URL and user data, all you have to do is go to “Information” on your account. Now a new window should open where you can find all the information.

6IPTV Lines - access data

Step 4: Now you should be able to see your access data for the 6IPTV App and also your M3U URL and the expiry date of your access.

** If your access has expired, it will no longer appear in the "Active" list. **

If you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions, our customer service is available at the following e-mail address ? [email protected]

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